Friday Fives – the clothes

What is your favorite piece of clothing and how does it make you feel?

Interesting question.  Not a good question, mind you, but an interesting one.  I have lots of favorite t shirts, but I have lots of t shirts.  I guess I don’t.

What was the most expensive article of clothing you ever bought?

My leather jacket.  Got it in Italy.  Wasn’t even looking for  a jacket.  The wifey was looking at boots.  They have fabulous boots in Rome.  Italian craftsmanship is impressive, and they are NUTS for shoes there.  So, we were in a leather store and I was killing time and found a great jacket.  I guess you could call it ‘bomber’ style.

What is a current fashion trend that you think looks horrible?

This may sound pretentious, but I pay no attention to trends.  My look is classic and timeless.  WAIT… I thought of one.  Skinny ties are coming back, and I am not pleased.  I won’t budge.  Of course, I only wear Garcia ties.  I have about ten.  No others.  No discussions.

What decade do you think had the best clothes?

The 70’s seemed pretty cool.  Everything looked comfortable, and hair was out of control.  Mustaches, beards, afros.  Seemed like a great time.  Rock stars were great back then, because they were mostly ugly.  There was no videos or MTV, so being attractive did not sell records.  You had to sell records on merit, then people might see your face.

If your friends/family could throw away a single piece of your clothing, which do you think it would be and why?

My beloved jorts, who recently passed away.  I loved those shorts.  I was just lamenting their loss last night, again.


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