Hugging the cactus

This is an expression, and a great one.

The Beaver' trailer: Beginning of a Mel Gibson comeback? | The Week

I can’t take credit for inventing.  I should, but I won’t.  Robert Downey Jr made it up in reference to Mel Gibson.  It means, basically, public penance.  Or, just penance.  The old phrase was ‘in the dog house’.  Iron Man was saying that Mel Gibson has suffered enough.  He has ‘hugged the cactus long enough’.  You know, I think he may be right.  That isn’t for me to decide.  Well, it is and I have decided he has hugged enough.  I am not writing about that, though.

So, in closing, remember I have invented this and you should use it often.  What else have I brought you, the unwashed masses?  Snain, Newstainment, the phrase ‘on it like a bonnet’ and a ten key pad on a laptop.  All have come to fruition, and I came up with all of them!

* update – in retrospect, Mel had not hugged the cactus nearly enough. Sometime after this, he was caught saying to his girlfriend (at the time of the recording, this was his girlfriend.  I can imagine how you might say things about or to an ex… but this is his gal) “look at that dress.  I hope you get raped by a pack of niggers.”  There are too many things wrong with that sentence to even begin to break down.  Back to the cactus, Mel.  I can’t ever forgive or forget you saying something like that.


3 thoughts on “Hugging the cactus

  1. Hi,
    did you were ever misstreated or beaten by your parents or were their behaviour unloving against you? Or did you know a person which has experienced something like that?

    What do you think: Why people are getting alcohol-addicted?
    Is it cool to drink a lot of alcohol?
    Does alocohol tastes so good?
    Or do you think people are so bored they begin to drink alcohol?

    I do got to know an alcohol addict better. His reasons were a lot of violence and/or lovelessness which resulted in a lot of fears and self-hate. And to hide this from his friends he began to drink. Not even many girl friends he had since the age of 15 couldn’t change that. The deamons with which one has to fight are often way too big for one alone.

    Yes there is a saying that everybody has the chance to become a better person or man forges his own destiny. But i do think that this phrases only are right for some few people. I do believe what Alice Miller, a famous author and childhood researcher, said, she passed away more than six years ago, that most people need another person which really do listen and do have some sympathy for one’s self to change their bad attitudes and behaviour to a better one.

    I do think Mel Gibson hadn’t too nice parents and he hadn’t till now a person which really listened to him. Yes it’s almost not to believe that this shouldn’t have been possible with a wife with whom he has seven children. But there are really a lot of alcohol addicts out there who are married.

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