About your book

Congraduations on your new book.  I am stoked for you, and honestly a little jealous.  Here is the thing though… there is too much crap up front.

Before I got to a single page of actual content, I had to read the forward, the introduction, and the preface.  I spent an hour reading before I got to the first page.  Here is why that is a bad idea, and how to include that stuff if you must.

When I pick up your book, I don’t care about who inspired it, or all that jazz.  I don’t know you, and at this point I don’t care about you.  Now, if you book is good, I would like to know more.  At the end.  Once I have read your story, and get your point of view, I totally want to know more background of how this book came about.

Think of your book as a movie.  Do they do featurrettes and behind the scenes of the movie before the movie?  Never.  They want you to see the movie, standing on its own.  Then, and only then, might we want to watch the features, interviews, etc.  Get it?  Frankly, I would like to see the book start on page one.  Ok, you can have one title page to thank your mother, but that’s it.


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