Paula Deen and Thomas the Cat

Do you know how Paula Deen got successful?  It’s a great story of tenacity.  She decided, later in life, to open up a sandwich business with her kids.  She went from business to business pedaling her sammiches, which no one wanted.  The boys thought this was a doomed idea, even though they knew their sammiches were great.  Now, here is where Paula’s hustle and good instincts come in to play.  She went to the same businesses every day, even though they said ‘no thank you’ ever day.  Why?  Because she knew eventually someone would forget their lunch.  When that happened, they might think “well, that sammich lady comes every day.  I’ll just get one of hers”.  And… it worked.  Once they tried her sammiches, they were hooked.  Now Paula Deen is a household name, and a millionaire.

What does that have to do with Thomas the cat?  Well, Thomas is our barn cat.  Thomas is not allowed in the house, and Thomas knows this.  But, Thomas is very interested in being promoted to house cat.  So, dig what he does.  Whenever the weather is half way decent, he sits on the porch in front of the door.  Not meowing, or causing any trouble.  He just sits there and looks incredibly cute.  He knows, eventually, we will give in to the cuteness.

So, the story is this.  The only way to succeed at anything is tenacity and hustle.  Also, Thomas is still not allowed in.  By summer, though, he will have made a pretty strong case.


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