Friday Fives – cooking and food again, because apparently my editor can’t come up with anything new.

1. Tea or Coffee or juice in the morning, and why?

 coffee.  Tons of it.  I also keep morning thunder at my desk, but 90% of the time it’s coffee.  I love coffee like you love your Xbox

2. What’s your typical breakfast on workdays, and what on weekends?

  eggs and bacon, or oatmeal

3. What do you drink through the day?

            coffee and water, unholy quantities of both

4. Best snack?

heroin skulls of the nonbelievers?  M&Ms!

5. Your favorite dinner when you cook for yourself alone?

a peanut chicken with peppers and scallions over a white rice.  Well, that is assuming I have said peanut sauce on hand from Yume.  If not, I can wing anything.  Just give me meat, onions, and a starch and I can throw down mad eats with my pantry.


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