Friday Fives – iPod edition


I don’t have any good questions for you, and I want to go to bed.  So, I will riff off the first several songs that come up on my iPod, in full random.  Last time I did this, I talked about Amy Winehouse, and what a fan I was… and what a talent she was.  The next day, she died.  Does that make me a prophet?  yeah, pretty much.  See here.  The video link was also in there before she died.

Anyhow, lets get started, and hope I don’t kill off any more starlets.  Our choice bed is 14403 songs:

A100 – Billy Corgan  – The Future Embrace.  This was Billy’s solo album.  It is terrible.  I haven’t listened to it in years, and odds are I will never listen to it again.  Keep in mine, Billy Corgan is a musical god to me.

**** urgent update.  I was stuck in alphabetical mode.  Need to move to shuffle.  Please disregard that previous song:

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden  > Yes, like the band Black Sabbath, the amazing British band Iron Maiden has a song, and an album, called Iron Maiden.  I can’t say enough good things about Maiden.  They are amazing, and their music is timeless.  There are basically two bands that I NEVER miss when they tour… and only two.  Iron Maiden, and Pearl Jam.  Yes, Iron Maiden is still around, still touring, and still releasing albums.  They have their classic line up, still, and genuinely sound better than ever.  First time I saw them was almost 25 years ago.  If you don’t get Iron Maiden, you are either super lame, or a chick.  If you are a chick, it can be forgiven.  If you are a dude, and you don’t listen to Maiden, you might as well be a chick.

My Funny Valentine – Sarah Vaughn > this song blew my mind the first time I heard it.  It just rocked me, hard, to my foundation.  I went and bought her Verve compilation, and so should you.  Seriously, do it now.  As much as I insist you NOT buy that Corgan disc above… you must buy this.  See, now you are net even.  As for Maiden, it’s too late.  You suck.

To Study – Per Motivi de studio > this is from my Italian phrases CD I bought for a trip to Italy.  We were supposed to listen to it on the 9 hour flight to Heathrow.  We blew it off, drank, and watched movies instead.  Good choice!  The good thing is we speak Spanish, and that is close enough to understand the menu’s and such.

Help on the Way/ Slipknot/ Franklin’s Tower – Grateful Dead – One from the Vault > this is a classic Dead jam, they have probably played these 3 songs in sequence like this hundreds of times.  This live version, however, is the best.  It is from 1975 in San Francisco.  When I say ‘the best’, it is not hyperbole for your tiny mind.  I think you could poll deadheads and this would win.  And if you do, and it doesn’t… then they weren’t real Deadheads, anyway.  See how I worked my way out of that?

Mama Tried > Grateful Dead 5/8/1977 – This version is pretty good, but the concert as a whole is legendary.  This is Barton Hall, Cornell University.  Also known as the ‘take a step back’ show.  Also known as the greatest Scarlett/Fire EVER.  It is, do it!  This ‘mama tried’ is fine, though, but not why you bought the show.

Your Smiling Face > James Taylor – I love James Taylor.  This live version is ok, but a little over the top.  You need some James Taylor in your life, but this isn’t it.  Just buy ‘sweet baby james’.

Pennyroyal Tea > Nirvana – this is from a bootleg in Germany.  Here is the thing, we all love Nirvana.  I saw them on the Nevermind tour.  They weren’t even headliners back then.  But, that isn’t my point.  My point is, I have heard a lot of live Nirvana, and they were terrible live.  Maybe because it was only 3 folks, but their live bootlegs are just sucky.  If you want to hear really good live grunge, listen to Pearl Jam.  They thrive live.  Nirvana… not so much

Ok, how about that?   maybe, if I get good questions from my editor tonight, i will punch it up with some actual Friday Fives tomorrow.  For now, though, off to bed.  Good work, team!


1 thought on “Friday Fives – iPod edition

  1. 1. Darker My Love – Northern Soul
    Equal parts Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Sabbath and something like The Verve. Good stuff. I bet when they play live, the singer has sunglasses on, a cigarette in his mouth and a bit of bolivian numbing powder in his system.

    2. D Generation – Vampire Love
    Where trashy LA Punk meets Motley Crue. Wait.. Crue was trashy LA punk back in the day before they were millionaires. So.. this sounds like Hanoi Rocks I guess. Fuck, I don’t know.

    3. Far – Boring Life
    This band is amazing. Ever wonder who the Deftones were trying to sound like?

    4. Ministry – Isle of Man
    Industrial. You love it or you hate it. I love it when I’m driving fast.

    5. Articles of Faith – New Normal Catastrophe
    Chicago punk rock legends. Helped to define the sound of their city.

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