Friday Fives – growing up

How many schools (up until college) have you attended, in all?

Well, same as you.  Well, maybe less. I was lucky enough to stay in the same system from kindergarden through high school.  So, I never had to move.  I never had to be the new kid in school.  I never got that cool chip on my shoulder that all you got just because your parents didn’t care enough to give you continuity.  Actually, there was more than a few occasions when a fresh start would have been nice.

See, when you spend 20 years with the same people… if you were to give yourself a bad haircut or kill a peer… you have plenty of people to remind you of that.  I remember vividly the cycle of new kids in high school.  First, they seemed cool and rebellious.  Second stage (about a month later), everyone would be convinced the new kid was a narc.  Seriously, it happened over and over.  None of them ever turned out be narc, but I was hanging out with some bad kids who maybe had reasons to be afraid of such things.


How many states have you lived in before the age of 18? How many countries?


Just two.  Buffalo, NY and Phx, AZ


Have you ever seen the hospital where you were born — where is it/what’s it’s name?


Not to my knowledge.  I was born in Buffalo, and frankly I have no idea where.  I mean, it was a hospital.  I am not nostalgic to visit it.  But, I do go back to Buffalo.  I have a lot of family there.


Do you plan to live in the same state in which you were born, or somewhere else?


No, I have zero plan to live in either New York nor Arizona.  Too cold, and too hot.  I am silly happy in Colorado.  They say you should never say never.  I am saying never to living in Phoenix.  I had a wonderful and perfect childhood there.  However, once I found out that summer doesn’t have to be 120 degrees for 6 months a year, I got the fuck out.  See, I didn’t mind the heat growing up… because it was all I knew.  However, once I moved to Flagstaff and saw seasons and snow and stuff, I never moved back to Phoenix again.  If you live in Phoenix, you have some kind of character defect.  Yeah, I said it!


Do you still talk to people from elementary school, middle-school or high school?

Sadly, not really.  Just Jaime, we talk almost daily via email, and I got to see him last weekend.  Everyone has families now.  Plus, I have SO MUCH family in Phoenix (about 20 people over 5 or 6 different houses) that I don’t get time to do much that is not family related.  I have a lot of said people on Facebook, but that isn’t an active friendship.  I barely remember any of them, and they all have kids.  I am about as interested in their kids as they are in my dogs.



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