friday fives – telemarketer version?

-How do you react to people begging at intersections?

Generally, I do not give them money.  While I understand people struggle, I can’t help but think “you can work at McDonalds, you can deliver newspapers… just like I did to make my money.  And… get off my damn lawn

-How do you react to people stranded in cars along the road?

i help them.  That is why I have a big ass truck.  Well, I have a big ass truck for the horses and horse trailer… but I also use it for good.

-How do you react to telemarketers?

a polite but firm ‘no thank you’.  Here is a trick, though, for you.  Here is how you know.  If someone calls you and says “may I speak with Mister Bator?”… say he is not home.  Why?  Because anyone calling for you is not going to say ‘Mister’ anything.  not your mom or your boss or your friend.  Anyone calling for you will ask for you by first name, every time, always.  I found this works at work, too.  Sometimes, I know customers are hiding from me… or I am getting cockblocked by their secretaries.  So, if I feel that is the case, I can call and ask for “Dan” instead of “Mr Dumas” and I will always get through.  So, you can use this info either way.  That is 15 years in telecom summed up for you… free.

-How do you react to anonymous  comments in your blog?

as long as they are reasoned and decently articulate… I embrace them.  See my post on Civil War, where I intimate they are all racists and sore losers.  Well, the 2 that can read found it, and teed off on me.  Just take the jump here.

-How do you react to online quizzes?

There is nothing worse than self appointed banal questionnaires.  It’s sad, really.  Who do these people write to?  I think the good people at despair said it best



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