Friday Fives – I am not a geek so stop saying that edition. Seriously, you guys. That’s not cool, just stop. Please? See, now you are just being hurtful.

  1. Are you a loser?

no.  Frankly, I don’t care for that question, or it’s tone.  Also, who the hell would say yes?

  1. What “geeky” activities do you take part in (games, trivial pursuits, etc)?

you know what?  I know where you are going with this, and I don’t like it.  You are supposed to ask if I was a ‘nerd’ in high school, right?  I am supposed to say I was a total nerd, and didn’t have any friends, but it taught me character… and that nerds were cool  before it was cool.  Every fucking celebrity says this shit “oh, I was a loser in high school.”  No you weren’t, and neither was I.  I was happy and decently popular.  High school was a great time, an amazing time.  I hope it was for you, too… because you can never go back.

  1. Are you out of the closet about your geek

goddamnit I am not a geek.  I was never a geek, to my knowledge.  I was never in band, or theater.  Those are the people who I thought of as geeks.  I know that programmer and gamer types are considered geeks, but when I grew up there weren’t computers yet, and video games sucked… it was this.  I shit you not, this was computer gaming.  This game was called ‘Choplifter‘, and I LOVED it.  I played it for hours on the Commodore 64.  No I didn’t have one, we weren’t cool enough or rich enough.  I had friends with one, so that was close enough.  So, the concept of ‘geek’ is different.  I had no interest in academia, sadly.  I had long hair and played guitar, life was pretty sweet.

  1. Does your significant other join in on these activities? (Or, if single, would a potential SO have to?)

what activities?  My ‘geek’ activities?  Listen, I am sorry high school didn’t work out for you, but get off my dick already.

  1. Geekiest public moment?

Let’s say I had one, would I tell you?  and the internet, where it would live forever?  You think I am going to tell you about the time I cut my own hair right before my birthday party when I was really young and I didn’t want to come out of my room?  You want shit like that, America?  Well, you ain’t getting it!  Now get off my lawn!

* btw > see all those number 1’s up there?  I am on an apple and the formatting is a pain in the ass.  Yes, I blame the computer.  Plus, WordPress has made things so simple for me that I have forgotten most of my html skilz.  I used to have to write all this in HTML, now the programs do it for me.  It’s pretty cool.  This means even you could have a web site.  Do it!


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