Friday Fives



1. Is it clothes then soap then water, soap and water followed by clothes or soap followed by clothes then the water?

Let’s assume you are talking about the laundry?  Clothes first.  then, I turn the machine one and add soap as it fills.

2. What is your favorite/most creative use of a swear word you’ve ever heard?

I remember meeting the word ‘fucko’.  I was visiting my wonderful friend Matt Flugger in Boston a long time ago… probably almost 20 years.  This is how long ago:  he had a cd player in his car, and it blew our minds.  I had never heard it, and he used it a bit.  I was quite taken.  Remember that ‘Always Sunny’ with the word ‘jabroni’?  They didn’t know what it meant, but they loved the sound of it.  So, for the rest of the show, everyone was a jabroni.  It’s like that.
3. If you could create a reality TV show, what would you do?

I think they did that with the repo show.  There might be several, but I think repossessing cars is about the most interesting and cool and dangerous and mean and dumb and awesome things you can do.  So glad someone followed them around with a camera crew.  Can’t say I got anything better than that.  Maybe my band.  You would have to edit down a LOT – but follow the process and discussions and passion and music and boredom and frustrations of being in a rock band.  Ok, that was 2 run on sentences in a row, I gotta walk away from this one.
4. What invention would you take back in time?

So, if I am going back to when?  Because my editor, Majikwah, did not specify… I shall create one.  Let’s say I am going back to when I am a wee kid.  Now, to say I would bring back the internet… too obvious.  Let’s be simple and shallow and creative:

So, I am going to say my bike.  When I was a kid, i was obsessed with my bikes.  It was more than transportation.  I lived in my bike.  wheelie contests, jump contests, all that stuff. I saw a child get kidnapped right in front of us… on our bikes.  but, since we weren’t supposed to be in that vacant lot (lighting fires and jumping over them)… we never told the police or our parents about it.  STILL haven’t).

anyhow, my bike sucked.  all bikes sucked 30 years ago. They were heavy as shit.  I have a dope ass bike now.  If I could go back to my childhood, I would bring this bike.
5. You know your too drunk when..

this question is completely out of context with the theme here today, and I am going to strike it.  In fact, none of these questions belong together.  What the hell is going on up there?  What do I pay these people for?  Ok, I will answer.  When you are fighting to stay awake.


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