I ain’t NFL, but I am holding out!


So, some guy isn’t showing up to NFL training camp.  He isn’t happy with his salary, so he will not only show up, he will not take calls from his employer.  The name, Maurice Jones-Drew, isn’t important.  It isn’t important because many NFL players do this.  It is a common form of negotiation.

Man, I sure wish I could do that.  Let’s just imagine if you, or I, tried to do this with our jobs.  Note, these are guys who have already accepted the job years ago.  They knew what they were getting paid and signed their name to it.  Isn’t that legally binding, you ask?  Yup, it sure is!  So, why don’t they go to work?  Do they hate their job?  Oh no, they love their jobs.  They have their dream jobs, and they ain’t showing up.  I don’t even think it is frowned upon.

So, I imagine how that might go if you or I tried it.  If I didn’t show up for work, they would not call me.  There would not be negotiations.  They would not ask for my demands.  I would be fired for ‘job abandonment’.  Trust me, I know labor law.  After three days of not coming to work, it is effectively, and legally, quitting.  It is called job abandonment everywhere else but the NFL.

When you quit, you not only don’t get paid, you can’t get unemployment.  You don’t get dick.  Now, I have been with my company for 15 years.  So, odds are they would call me, and they would be concerned.  These folks are my family, and I spend more time with them then I do my family.  They might ask if I was ok, and I would say ‘never better’.  So, why am I not at work?  Well, I want more money.  A shit ton more money, and I ain’t coming back in the office until you agree to all my shit.  Now, give me a raise you rich cracker bastards.

You know what, though?  These guys only have, on average, 3 years in the pros.  They literally have 3 years to make a lifetime of money. Actually, I know the data.  It is, on average, 2.5 years. The sick thing is, they make that lifetime of money… but it’s gone in 5 years.  Man, I love football… but what a fucked up world.  Can you imagine being washed up, dead weight, retired, addicted to pain killers, and unemployable by 25?  What a world.

I wanted to close this by explaining how no one else gets to do that in life.  I wanted to say ‘you wouldn’t see a rock star say he isn’t going on stage unless he gets a raise’.  Thing is, I can’t.  Chuck Berry is NOTORIOUS for this.  Literally, every single show, he would not go on stage until you gave him an additional $10,000 in cash.  EVEN THOUGH you had a contract with him for a fixed amount and it was signed and agreed upon.  For 20 years, at least, he did that.  I have not read a promoter or manager book that has not mentioned this.  Yes, we know Chuck is a legend.  He is also a horrible person.  The stories are myriad, and usually awesome… because you see it coming every time.


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