Friday Fives – 80’s edition

1. Favorite movie of the 1980s?

these were formative years for me.  ages 8 to 18.   Favorite movie, hmm.  I wasn’t much into movies, but I distinctly remember seeing Indiana Jones at the super big screen at CineCapri in Phx.  You know that super iconic scene with the boulder chasing him in that tunnel?  Well, seeing that in the theater freaked my shit out.  I don’t remember anything else about the movie, just that scene.  Does that count as an answer?

2. Favorite musician/group of the 1980s?

I remember being very impressed with Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  They seemed so incredibly different.  They had 2 singles and flamed out.  It was weird, like a mirage.

3. Favorite TV show of the 1980s?

easy.  Greatest American Hero.  Love that show so much I remember going out and buying the single on a 33 rpm record.  Joey Scarbury’s ‘Believe it or Not’.  See, still remember dude’s name.  That show is streaming free on Netflix now, which is awesome.  btw, it doesn’t hold up well at all.

4. Favorite invention of the 1980s?

was talking about this with the wifey just the other night.  Things that were huge in the 80s, that mostly disappeared.  Here is what we need back, and I don’t get why it disappeared.  Trash Compactors.  Brilliant.  Every house should have one, by law.

5. World Event from the 1980s that stands out in your mind?

President Reagan getting shot.  I was very young.  By doing the math, I was 8.  Anyhow, this happened during the afternoon.  They announced this at school and sent us all home for the day.  I remember going home and trying to find cartoons.  I used to watch cartoons every day after school.   Specifically, Scooby Doo.  As you can imagine. the president being shot pre-empted all of that.



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