The Little Prince – he didn’t get it

So, I recently picked up a book out of my collection to read again.  It is ‘The Little Prince’.  Not sure when I bought this book, but odds are I was in college when I did.  I was crazy for collecting books then, and still have them all.  I spent much of my time at the used book store.  Anyhow, I was putting my books back together with the new book case and saw this.  Thought I would read it again.  I thought it was touching and powerful when I was younger.  Now, at 40, it seems a little patronizing.

The story of The Little Prince, and this is pertinent, is about a man who befriends a boy who teaches him about love and appreciation of life.  The boy teaches him things like how a flower is more important than science.  You know, how to discover your inner child and stuff.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, after I recently re-read the book I noticed there was a handwritten inscription in the front.  This book is used, you see.  So, the inscription says as follows, verbatim:

Happy Birthday, I wouldn’t want to get too wordy so I’ll leave it at this…

To Glenn,

I offer this in the hopes that you can rediscover something you’ve lost

– No One Special

It’s touching, right?  The Little Prince reminds us to love the small things.  Even more touching, this is clearly given by someone who loves Glenn.  It is a woman’s handwriting.  Maybe its his mom, I don’t know.  Here is what I do know, though;

Glenn is the worst person alive, and likely the unhappiest.  Someone really cares for Glenn.  Someone bought him a book and inscribed it lovingly.  What did Glenn do?  Glenn sold it.  Glenn got, maybe, $5 for the book.  What is wrong with you, Glenn?  This, quite exactly, is why she bought you the book.  It is so sad, and in a fucked up way… so funny.  Who is the Glenn?  No idea.  I didn’t edit anything, there were no last names. I can tell you that Glenn sold the book in Flagstaff AZ in the early 2000’s.

Good work, Glenn.  You are a dick, and you don’t deserve her.

Long story short… I don’t think Glenn read the book

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