Friday Fives

1. If you had the ability to legally change your name, would you? To what?

Cool question.  If you know me, you know I use a lot of names.  ‘Lono’ is one.  I sign up for magazines as ‘Baron von Excellente’, and my checks say I am ‘Rev Lang’.  Technically, I am.  I have two divinities.  One from these guys, and one from these guys.  It’s enough to allow me to marry.  Point being, I don’t need anymore names.  Trout Fishing in America would be cool, but that is taken.

2. What do you with with change that you receive from banks/purchases/find on the ground?

I keep it all in a big ass old wine jug in our closet.  I just add to it year round.  Once a year, around the holidays, we do a ‘penny drive’ at work.  The money goes to charity, so I bring in my big ass jar of change (which is about $50 now) and put it in someone’s jar who annoys me.

3. If you could travel back in time to change the course of one historical event, what event would it be?

Oh man, that was the premise of Quantum Leap.  What a cool show that was.  Gosh, I mean… wow.  Kill Hitler?  Stop Jerry from going Midi in the early 90’s?  Save Phil Hartman from his wife?  That last one might be it.  I sure wish Cliff Burton was still alive.  Maybe I would tell him not to sleep in his bunk tonight.  How about stopping Sprint from buying Nextel?

4. Would you rather live a safe, stable, moderately interesting life or one where every day was dangerous, volatile, and different?

The first.  I am old (40) and content.  I loathe drama, and will not spend time with dramatic people.  When I was 20, I wanted adventure, and I had it plenty.  I used to backpack around Mexico every summer for years.  Sometimes with friends, sometimes by myself.  I know the Buddha taught us to embrace change, an aversion to change is attachment, which causes suffering.  However, I like things the same.  Did you just call me vanilla?  Are you thinking I am mayonnaise?  I will kick your ass!

5. What do you think you’ll be remembered for when you die and, if you could, would you change it to something else?

I would like to be remembered for what I am > a funny and passionate guy who did what he could to help others

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