Friday Fives – channel edition

What’s your favorite TV network?

usually anything on NatGeo Wild is awesome.  Food network is generally a reliable time killer, especially on Sunday nights

If you could create your own channel, what would it be?

Two words for you:  tank fight©  Is that a show?  A network?  No, it’s a way of life, and I just patented that shit right here.  BOOM!

What TV show did you watch as a child, that you wish they would bring back?

Easy.  Greatest American Hero.  The reluctant superhero.  Maybe that’s a Stan Lee archetype, but I liked it because Ralph was clearly a regular dude, and a terrible super hero.  Very relatable to a young, impressionable, Lono.  It’s how I knew I would be a super hero… and I was Correct.

What show have you always hated, and wonder why they ever made such a dumb show?

Hee Haw.  This is related to the Greatest American Hero, in fact.  I wrote a whole piece on how something so dumb and horrible could stay on the air like Hee Haw did.   OOOHH, here is another one.  Mama’s Family.  My god how I hated that show.  It was just terrible.  Never funny, never cute.  That shit wouldn’t last 20 seconds in this era of 1200 channels to choose from.  Shit like ‘Mama’s Family’ only lasted because we only had 3 channels.  A pox on Vicki Lawrence for that drivel.

What TV shows seasons would you buy on DVD?

ALL tv is better on DVD.  Not just because of the lack of commercials, but it is great for the continuity.  It is so much easier to remember plot points and characters and storylines if you can binge a whole season of tv in one weekend.  That is how I got into Lost.  Everyone told me how great it was, but it was already a few years in.  So, th wifey and I netflixed it.  We knocked out the first 3 seasons over a week or two.  It was amazing.  It also made the show WAY worse to watch in real time.  42 minutes a week, to find out nothing?  I am SO confused, and the ending super sucked.  What a cop out that was.  Outside of a few good storylines explaining Jacob as the smoke monster, everything else was dropped and they were simply all dead at the end.  This was a bigger cop out that Dallas bringing Patrick Ewing back five years later after being written off the show.  Google it.


1 thought on “Friday Fives – channel edition

  1. I’m NOT trying to ‘correct’ you… but… didn’t Patrick Ewing play basketball for the New York Knicks? Are you thinking of Bobby?

    Greatest American Hero. Everyone thinks flying would be the ultimate super-power to have. You know what… I would hate it! You know why… cuz I would still have to take the freeway!! Want me to fly up to Denver… great… I’m gonna have to fly to Albuquerque first… then follow some guy in a semi. If you want me to meat you in Chicago… I’m gonna get lost looking for that ‘silver bean.’ Maybe I could find San Francisco, Seattle, or St. Louis with their famous ‘land marks’, but other than that… I’m gonna need some type of GPS system.


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