Friday Fives – Olympic edition

1. Do you have a favorite Olympic memory?

no.  But, I love watching the Olympics.  we watch as much as possible.  Right now, our DVR is loaded up with 60 hours of crap we are going to watch when we get back.  See, all the programming is in 5 hours blocks.

2. Do you have a favorite Olympic sport?

dangerous and pointless field sports… like pole vaulting, javelin, downhill team ski racing, the super g, stuff like that.

3. Is there a sport that isnt’ in the Olympics that should be?

tank fighting

4. Is there an existing Olympic sport that should be eliminated?

walking.  cross country skiing.  That that those aren’t great accomplishments, but they make super boring tv.

5. Which do you prefer: Summer Olympic games or Winter Olympic games?

great question.  I prefer Winter games because it is WAY more dangerous.  in fact, there a very few Olympic sports that are not incredibly dangerous.


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