Friday Fives

1. Guys- what’s the girliest thing you do regularly?

If you want to look at traditional societal roles, this may appear girly.  I do the laundry, cooking, and cleaning for the most part at home.  You callin’ me yella?  Oh, here is something girly and lame.  I am sitting and watching freestyle dressage on the Olympics.  What freestyle dressage is is basically horse dancing.  I told the wife if anyone asks what we did tonight tell them I was watching tank fights.

2. If people had YouTube in 1912, what do you think they’d be posting videos of?

Great question.  Mostly racist shit,  tutorials about nooses.  Am I saying everyone in 1912 was racist?  Yeah, I absolutely am.   Probably lots of videos about cars.  Cars were still largely a novelty at this time.  They believed that if you went 50 mph in a car your face would melt off.  There were no interstates, or even paved roads.  Also, frankly, their MP3 player and nav systems just sucked balls.  Airbag technology was at least 2 years off at this point.

3.  What is the most believable conspiracy theory you have heard?

That Lyndon Johnson was somehow engaged in the Kennedy assassination and that Vietnam was a part of that scenario.  See, I believe that Oswald was the lone shooter.  Science has proven that.  However, I do not believe he acted alone.  That guy was a half wit, and crazy paranoid.  No way he could have pieced that plan together.  Even if you don’t believe the Johnson part of the puzzle… which is debatable… I am 100% positive that Oswald wasn’t alone in the planning.  I would bet a thousand bucks on that fact.

I am seriously interested in the Kennedy killing, btw.  I could talk for a few hours about it with you.  Even went to Dallas and checked out Daley plaza.  Got to stand on the grassy knoll, see the depository, and even stand on the exact mark where Kennedy was killed.  The roads are still open, but it has become a creepy tourist destination.  When we were there people were selling weird Tchotchke and of course the obligatory crazy people with hand drawn signs talking about the govt and aliens.

4.  What is the worst thing anyone has said to you in your adult life?

I don’t know, that is a weird and heavy question.  Not one I care to dwell on.  Also, if I could think of one, I certainly wouldn’t tell you.  Bully.

5.  What is your NEVER AGAIN liquor and the story behind it?

Oh, I have one alright.  College story, of course, and I ain’t saying a goddamn word about it.


1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. I was at the sixth floor museum myself last week. I walked the knoll and I am telling you, there is no way he made three shots, to the head, in 3.7 seconds with a 1950’s Soviet made Bolt action rifle. US Army sharpshooters could not replicate what Lee Harvey Oswald did.

    I do believe he was a shooter, but also believe there was a second shooter behind the fence (I got a creepy feeling when I saw the fence) but I do not believe the Lyndon Johnson was involved.

    He was quoted as saying, “I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a shooter, but I do not believe he acted alone.”

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