Friday Fives – first impressions

Word Association

With the following , post a single image of the strongest thought/idea that pops into your head.

1. Condiment:

pickle relish.  SWEET pickle relish, not that dill shit

2. Desert:

brown, dusty, Phoenix, cacti.  Wait, you meant the sweet food part?  I read it as the other word.  Sure, I could edit this and not look like a jack-ass, but you wanted to true word association, there it is.  Frankly, right now I am not sure which word is which.  Same thing happens to me with the word message and massage.  Totally fucks me every time.  I tell people I am going for a message.  Sounds cryptic

3. Europe:
cold.  war.  ineffective

4. Campaign:
fight.  war, or politics, its gonna be a fight!

5. Snort:
when I laugh really hard, I snort.  Personally, I think it is cute, quirky, and endearing.  To others, I likely appear as a spaz.  Here is a great example.  I was lucky enough to go see the great Brian Regan last night at Comedy Works.  Here is one of my favorite bits, this guy is genius!


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