Friday Fives – tv edition

The new television season is upon us. What new shows are you anticipating?

The show with Andy from Weeds, he is a vet.

Brilliant but cancelled? Any shows that had a quick run that you miss? Or missed and wish you could have seen?

Best dramatic show ever was called ‘Playmakers’ on ESPN. It was an original drama about being in the NFL. It was terrific, and very well-regarded. But, the NFL pulled the plug on it.

Do you take advantage of the new streaming media outlets? (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) Anything good out there folks are missing?

Yeah. Netflix is the only way to watch television. All those shows your friends keep telling you have to see, like: mad men, breaking bad, sons of anarchy, sopranos, the wire, dexter > you can catch up on all of these streaming on Netflix. No commercials, you can knock out a season in a night or two. That is how I get into shows. In fact, it is so much better that last year I waited out Breaking Bad just so I could watch the whole season on Blu Ray. So, I could have watched it for free in real time. But, I opted to wait 9 months so I could have an awesome week watching it every night on Blu Ray.

Watching actual television, waiting for commercials and seeing all the censorship > that sucks balls. The wifey and I knocked out 4 years worth of Lost in a week or two. It was great. Then, we went to real time. Waiting a week for a measly confusing and paltry 40 minutes of content. I forgot what happened a week ago. This is another reason why I like to get into shows by watching after the fact on DVD or streaming.

This probably doesn’t make sense. But, I LOVE tv, and yet never watch tv in real time. Too much trouble, with 40% of content now being commercials. So, if I see something on right now that I want to watch… I just hit record and watch it tomorrow, where I can fast forward through it.
Speaking of all this, Dexter starts this Sunday. Going to DVR it, but probably watch it sometime that week.

As a kid, the annual Saturday morning children’s television fall schedule was always a big deal. What were/are your favorites?

Well, this kinda makes me sad and wistful. It used to be it was the only time you could see cartoons. Now, there are networks of just cartoons. Spoiled bastards! My favorite cartoon was Scooby Doo. Never missed it. I now know that every show was the exact same plot line… but when I was a kid I was genuinely dazzled and nervous each show.

If you could create your own reality TV show, game show or competition show, what would you bring to America’s living rooms?

Tank Fight®

1 thought on “Friday Fives – tv edition

  1. Watching actual television, waiting for commercials and seeing all the censorship > that sucks balls.

    I’m confused. Does that mean you like the commercials and censorship? I don’t know who started that expression… but it was obviously someone who never got tea-bagged.

    Example: How was that party last night? Oh… it sucked balls. Damn… when’s the next one?


    Damn… I should have shown up late.


    Damn… was there a long line?


    Damn… one or two at a time?


    Damn… from the front or back?

    or… (please feel free to add you own).

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