Friday Fives

1. What’s a phrase you can no longer stand to hear?

I have said this before here, but I will say it again.  Even I am stuck using this phrase at work sometimes.  But, it stinks of resignation and apathy.  The dreaded phrase in question is ‘it is what it is’.

2. What is an unspoken rule you have at home, at work or with friends?

don’t call me, I won’t answer. You can text or email me. I don’t mind being bothered or correspondence at all. I just don’t like talking on the phone.

3. If you could vote any fictional character into office, who would it be?

Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. Why? Because she has the craziest shit thrown at her, and she remains calm, poised, engaged, and curious throughout. All of us can learn from Alice’ demeanor.

4. What’s Your Worst/Laziest Halloween Costume Ever?

Probably Uncle Fester. I am already fat, short, and bald. So, 99% of the work was done. It did look great, though. If I can find the pic, I’ll post it here.

5. What famous person or character do people say you look like ?

They used to say I looked exactly like a young Bobby Weir (from the Grateful Dead). That is because, I truly did look exactly like a young Bobby Weir.


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