Friday Fives – in your earhole edition

1.    What is the worst premise for a TV show you can come up with?

‘Wife swap’ – a show that involves dudes swapping wives with no sex or even nudity.  Pointless, cruel… and strangely already in existence.


2.    What’s some advice or knowledge that you think every car owner should know?

Learn to work the internet and become comfortable with forums.  Every question you have has been encountered by someone before.  These folks will guide you through the problem, and help you avoid the landmines that they encountered.


3.    If you could have been an additional main character on any TV show from all time, what show would you choose?

a fellow player on MTV’s sketch comedy show ‘the State’.  I think in its 2 seasons it was the greatest sketch show of all time.  Up there with Kids in the Hall, SNL, Chappele… etc

4.    Music: Do you have a favorite cover version of a song?

Yes.  I should note that Jamie says there is no such thing as a good cover song, and that they are all bad.  Now, that being said, I disagree.  I’ll talk about 2 covers here.  The first is Dave Matthews doing ‘Watchtower’.  It’s a Dylan song, but you know it better as a Hendrix song.  I saw Dave Matthews Band open for the Dead a LONG time ago – 1995.  This was before they were big.  They were just breaking with the hit ‘what would you say’.  It was the only song I knew, and so frankly the only song I wanted to hear.

Dave says at the end of their set that he asked permission to cover this song from the Dead.  This is because the Dead also cover ‘All Along the Watchtower’.   So, he said that and started the song.  Mind you, he never mentioned the actual song… just that he had permission.  By now, you have probably heard this version from DMB.  It starts out slow, and builds in to this insano monster jam.

So, I am outdoors in Vegas flying my body in 120 degrees and my brain on acid.  After that single song performance, I became a dedicated DMB fan.

So… that is my live story.  As for studio, I will say Fiona Apple’s cover of ‘Across the Universe’.  I LOVE the Lennon version, and it has no faults.  But, Fiona’s is sultry it is a simmering sex show of bliss.


5.    We are not supposed to insert a Q-tip in your ear – what other product warnings to most people ignore?

Can we talk about this qtip thing?  I put Qtips in my ear.  Often.  Every time I shower.  My wife says I am nuts.  Guess who has to get their ears cleaned and drained?  Not me!      I LOVE qtips and I love jamming them in my ears.  I even keep some in my desk at work.  Here is whawt I want to know – if you aren’t sticking qtips in your ears… what the hell are you doing with them?  Secondly, how do you clean your ears?


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