Friday Fives – Black Friday edition

Black Friday edition

Do you participate in Black Friday sales

Generally, no.  It involves going shopping with a thousand other idiots on my day off.  Why,  oh why, would I do that to myself.  However, I should clarify, I don’t have kids.  I assume the people who do this are doing it to give their kids an awesome Christmas.  I dig that.  Maybe that is why I don’t have kids, so I can sleep in on Black Friday (and on every other day, too  🙂

Are you a shopper?

well, sure.  We are all shoppers.  Consumer spending is half of our GDP, so that is pretty important.  Now, do I enjoy shopping?  no.  Not at all.  Just like most guys, I avoid it at all costs.

Do you pride yourself on getting great deals, of so… dish!

Yes, Amazon consistently has the best pricing on everything, and I have Amazon Prime.  I can get all your black friday deals without leaving my couch.  It is there in 2 days, and its free shipping.  God bless Amazon Prime!

What are your feelings on malls – necessary evil, or massive convenience?

you know, I like malls.  I think it is great to be able to go to one place and get so much done. I don’t go to malls, though, because of the parking.  Parking lots are always a nightmare to navigate.  It just isn’t worth it.  I wish I could tell you have I this great idea to alleviate this problem, but I don’t.  I can’t solve all of your problems, America.  If I did, I would then be unemployed.

How was your thanksgiving, discuss

It was terrific.  no troubles. no drama, no roadtrip.  Stayed home and had another couple over.  Had some drinks, great food, and watched football all day.

* bonus knowledgey goodness for you all, since I am posting so damn late in the day.  Do you know why they call today ‘Black Friday’?  It is because for most merchants, this is the day they finally are making a profit on the year… they are now ‘in the black’.  Everything up until today went to overhead, and ideally… everything after today until the end of the year is pure guava.  So, you can see why the holidays are so ‘commercialized’.  Stop bitching about that.  It isn’t about “christmas”.  It is about small businesses trying to stay afloat.  What do you care, though?  You just shop at Wal Mart.


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