Friday Fives – scams and lohans > one and the same?

1. What supposedly legitimate things do you think are scams?

most charities.  Not that the charities are not good intentioned, I just think most are not effective.  For example, before the earthquake, Haiti had 10,000 American charities working there.  Not even 10,000 people, but WAY more.  10,000 separate charities.  What has that done for Haiti?  Not a thing.  The poor country is still a monster corrupt shit hole, and I fear it always will be.  See, it would appear that none of those 10,000 charities are working together.  Since the earthquake, that number of charities working there has probably doubled.  Outside of Sean Penn, it seems absolutely nothing has gotten done.

I mean, this is a tough comparison, but it needs to happen.  Remember that super horrible earthquake AND tsunami that happened in Japan?  Did you think for even a second that this would cripple Japan for more than a few years?  No, they will come back stronger and faster and smarter.  I gave money to both relief efforts, by the way.  But, there is a big chunk of me that thought about Haiti “why bother, that money will never get on the ground”.  I thought with Japan “they don’t need my money, they will have this shit together faster than you can say “where’s Sean Penn?”.  Now, remember, I gave money to both.

If you know me, you know I am a compulsive volunteer in my community.  However, I NEVER do it with money.  I think the money gets wasted every time.  What I give is my time, which is WAY more valuable.  Geesh, you got a king hell of a rant out of me on that one!

2. If you find it on the ground, do you pick it up?


3. What crimes do not have appropriate punishments?

whatever it is Lindsay Lohan has done.  Let’s look quickly at her rap sheet, just off the top of my head.  In the last 2 or 3 years:  dui, dui with coke and felony menacing and a stolen vehicle, hit and run (several of those), theft of a very expensive necklace, breaking probation every time, physical assault, false reporting.  That is just the shit I can think of, and she is still free and rich.  WTF?

         She is also notoriously a mean and horrible person.  So why does she keep getting hired?

4. If you inherited $10 million, but could only use it to start a
company, what would you start?

whoah, now that is a cool question.  It would involve either guitars, or dogs.  Possibly both, if possible.

5. What accessories would an action figure of you come packaged with?

glasses, a guitar, stunning wit, and fascinating conversation.


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