The Couch Meeting – another modern parable

brett favre throwin picks and textin chicks

You have probably heard of sexting, right?  If you have heard of sexting, then you have heard of sexting gone wrong (just google Brett Favre and sexting).  If you have not heard of sexting, well it is just what it sounds like it is.

In order to get a feel for our story, start with this classic here.

Now, is this a story about sexting… or sexting gone wrong?  No.  Well, maybe.  Kinda.  Ok, yes.  WAIT… NO.  This is not a story about sex, you are a pervert. This is a story about buying a couch.  See, the wifey and I are looking at couches on Craigslist.  We have a few finalists, and we wanted to see them in person.  Is that weird?  It’s only $500, but I wanted to sit on it first.  They are all leather, but I wanted to know how soft. Also, wanted to know if they are remotely dog proof.  So, we set up a meeting to go visit the couch.

In order not to confuse the couch seller, we agreed I would communicate on behalf of the wifey and myself.  So, I set up a meeting to drop by this gal’s office to see the couch.  Luckily, she works incredibly close to where we work.  Walking distance, in fact.  So, the rendezvous was set for 5 pm.  At about 4:30, I wanted to remind wifey we were going to see the couch.  So, I sent her a text saying “are you good for the 5 pm couch meeting?”.   Simple.  Easy breezy done.  The kind of conversation we all have a million times a day.  For the ick factor that is about to arrive, note that it turned out we were buying the couch from a church.

So, I went back to work and then checked my phone to see her response.  Wifey did not write back.  Why not?  She knew we had a couch meeting, right? I did not see her response, because I did not send it to her.  Oh no.  No sir.  Not at all.  Like the story up top that I linked, this is where the story takes a horrible turn.  I did not send “are you good for the 5 pm couch meeting?” to my wife.  Nope.  I sent it to her attractive, single, female friend.  Let’s call her ‘Hildy’.  Hildy got a message from her friend’s husband that read:

are you good for the 5 pm couch meeting?

Do you see the problem with this?  It looks like the creepiest and lowliest solicitation from a man who is about to apparently be divorced by his amazing wife.   I looked down at my phone and saw Hildy wrote back “couch meeting?”  At that point, my heart sunk… and terror swept in.  I just sent a woman “are you good for the 5 pm couch meeting” out of the blue, and completely out of context.

let’s say you pick up your spouses cell phone and you see that text from your friend to your spouse.  I reckon you would fly over that and beat the crap out of that person, and then get divorced because your spouse is having couch meetings with people who are not you.  Not to mention what a HUGE and colossal pig I felt like for sending that to her.  What must she have thought to receive that.  I am so lucky and blessed that when I explained the error to both parties, they had a great laugh.  So, take his as a cautionary tale to be careful who and how you text.  Don’t believe me?  Look here, this is the actual screen capture from my phone.

the couch meeting

* yes, I am aware I used the term ‘deets’ in lieu of details.  Yes, I know it sounds douchey, and I would never use it writing to a mass audience.  This was just a hasty note meant for one person to scan.

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