Friday Fives – can you name it?

1.  Is there a super confusing thing in life that you don’t understand but seemingly everyone else seems to get?
dance music.  Specifically, I mean electronic dance music.   club music… you get the idea.  to just say ‘dance music’ isn’t fair.  The Grateful Dead is the only music that makes me dance.  I am not against people dancing, quite the opposite.
2.  Do you have any inanimate objects that you have named?
oh for sure!  My mini tractor is named stormin norma, and our hand cart is named little suzy.  I am 100% for the senseless naming of things.  That is the lefty in me.  Play your cards right and you will get some lefty in you.   Dumb?  Yeah, I know.  I was inspired.  Good thing I am not single, huh?
3.  Quote of the day: Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by?
many.  Here is one from my dad, and it gets truer every day.   “you can play now, and pay later, or you can pay now and play later”.
4.  Can you give me the most superior, conceited and over-confident statement about you that’s true?
uh… geesh.  That is a lot of superlatives.  Tell you what.  Since this has already come up – I am the text book definition of a lefty (as in left handed).  If you look up lefty in the dictionary, you should find me.  You won’t, though.  The cowards at Websters and I had a pretty big falling out.  I also have the genuine ability to sniff out other lefties.  Like gaydar, really.
5.  What is your favorite, perhaps not well known, phone app.
waze.  It is a travel/nav app.  It’s free, and works as any navigation app.  It does so much more, though.  Like, if there is a traffic jam up ahead, it warns you and offers to re-route.  It also warns you if there are cops or photo radar ahead.  I fully endorse this little fellow.  Details here.

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