Friday Fives – vacation style

1. Will you go on vacation this summer?

yes. Likely, many mini vacations.

2. Where will you go?

northern arizona. maybe cleveland, maybe costa rica, lake mac in Nebraska, and likely Big Bear, CA. Those are the tentative plans on the books. After 16 years with the same company, I have a LOT of vaca time.

3. What do you like about the place?

well, because I am feeling generous, I will hit them all. Northern Arizona is an annual family camping trip we take every labor day. Cleveland, we have fam there, and also the Rock and Roll HOF is there. Costa Rica? never been, but this fall looks like it is likely on the books. Want to go see that biolumensent stuff. It’s amazing. Look at these pics.  They aren’t photoshopped. When you move, the water lights up. Big Bear, CA?  Never been there, but my mom and step pop will be there all summer on the lake. Sounds nice!  Lake Mac?  It is a beach and water only 3 hours away.  Can’t beat that when you are SUPER land locked like we are in Colorado.

4. What don’t you like about the place?

there is nothing I don’t like about traveling… even to shitty places. That is why we have no kids.  Ok, wait.  There is one thing I hate about traveling… airports.  They super stress me out and ruin everything.  Now, I love to fly.  love it love it love it.  But, the airport experience gets more miserable and stressful every time.  It sickens me that the airlines don’t stand up for us to lobby for the consumers.

here is an example of why TSA and the Fed are just unbearable assholes.  They have agreed that removing the shoes and chucking liquids is unnecessary.  They admitted they are going to get rid of those restrictions because they are ineffective.  Cool.  Downside, they said it will take almost ten years to do that.  What the fucking fuck.  How about start tomorrow – executive order – leave us the fuck alone.

Wow, I kinda went off the rails on that one.  guess I have some unresolved issues with the ole’s TSA.

5. Where do you want to go next summer?

well now, didn’t we just spend 15 minutes answering that? I will tell you this, here is what I would like to do this summer. swim. I miss swimming. I spent every day of the summer as a kid in swimming pools. every day. school or otherwise. Why? Because every day of summer in Phx is over 100. Often, it is over 115. So, if you don’t swim you die. Here in colorado, I don’t swim. It’s too cold to have a pool here. So, I here you say – why not go to Phx and swim this summer. your whole family is there, right? Well, i could but I won’t. I won’t because it is 120 there. That is too hot. You have to be an idiot to live there on purpose. That is why I left. I have a system, see. I visit the fam in the Winter. So, when it is shitty and freezing here in Denver… we pop down to Phx where it is 72 in the dead of Winter. Quite nice!

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