What Lance Armstrong should have said

So, last week I watched the Lance Armstrong Oprah interview.  I was struck and alarmed at his utter lack of regret.  Deep down, he feels he has done nothing wrong.  This guy could probably pass a lie detector with how much self deception he has.  I also found his answers VERY cagey and guarded.  I realized he is a long way from any kind of true revelation.

Then, I watched 60 Minutes tonight, as I always do.  Turns out Lance lied about most of what he told Oprah.  Also, he only copped to things that were past the statute of limitations.  This means he couldn’t be prosecuted for his admissions.  Lance isn’t even close to done with this shitstorm.  The Feds know he is lying and my guess is Lance is in jail by Christmas this year.

Here is the thing, America LOVES to forgive.  It doesn’t even take long.  They forgave Chris Brown, who tried to murder his girlfriend.  So, we could forgive Lance, if we felt he was truly contrite.  So, in what appears to be a new series, here is what Lance should have said:

I blew it.  I am so sorry.  I took everything and hurt those closest to me.  I can’t expect  anyone to forgive me, and I am not sure I can ever forgive myself. Let me tell you what happened.  I have been in competitive cycling since before the cancer.  I had always dreamed of riding in the Tour de France, as every young cyclist does.  Mind you, I didn’t expect to win… I just wanted a shot at participating.

Back them, doping was common.  Listen, I am not justifying this for a second.  Just explaining.  Doping is and was the default commonplace for pro bikers.  You will note the last 7 winners of the Tour de France, myself included, have all been busted for doping.  That is sickening, and I am sickened to have been a part of it.

I knew I couldn’t win without doping.  At the beginning, I really had nothing to lose.  My goal was never to cheat the Tour de France.  I was taking supplements to help me train for the Tour.  I know that was wrong, and I know that was cheating.  Frankly, I had rationalized it to myself that I would only do this to get a stop on the team.  Then, go clean for the big race.  It didn’t work.  Fact is, without the aid of the drugs, I was not a top tier bicycle racer.

So, I had a spot on the tour.  I have the drugs, and I know I can win with them.  Also, everyone else is doing it, literally.  That doesn’t make it right, please remember that.  I just want to explain to you where my head was at.  So, I raced and I won.  I won dirty, which still sickens me right down to the bone.

Now sponsorships came and some really great money.  I admit it, I was hooked!  I was a rich celebrity, and a beloved figure.  I have to admit, for an insecure failure like myself, the attention felt great.  I was hooked, and I never had the courage to come clean.  I kept getting deeper and deeper.  I have to be honest and tell you at some point I was even lying to myself.

I understand my lifetime ban, and I deserve it.  I only hope to serve as a reminder to young people out there.  I blew it.  I had everything and I lost it.  So will you if you cheat.  May god and my mother have mercy on my soul.


1 thought on “What Lance Armstrong should have said

  1. Nothing to be sorry for as most of the pro bikers take some form of doping. They are just smart enough not be caught. I am all for being open about it and how about we all just admit that a Tour de France in its current shape cannot be done without help. There I said it

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