Friday Fives – food pet pieves


1. What is that one thing you used to eat from your past that you no longer have access to?

Gyros.  I can’t find a good Gyro place anywhere in South Denver.  They all close, or make a crappy Gyro.  I used to drive 40 minutes each way to a place up by DU for Gyros.. gladly.  They went out of business, too.  It is heartbreaking, frankly.

2. What is the worst restaurant you have ever been to?

There was this place in Parker called ‘Sherry’s’.  It was in the shopping center at Lincoln and Parker.  This is 15 years ago, and it was the ONLY restaurant   There was nothing in Parker back then.  So, if you wanted to sit down and be served food, you went to Sherrys.  It was terrible.  Not just terrible food, but terrible service!  The manager guy, on top of it all, had this super skeevy combover.  Even knowing we hated the place, and it would disappoint us, we would often give them a second chance.  Bad mistake.  Like how Red Robin ALWAYS impresses me with great food and great service… Sherry’s was the Anti Red Robin.  Good thing social media didn’t exist back then, or I would be the charter member of

3. What is your favorite smell in the whole world?


4. What is the noisiest food in the office to eat

weird question.  I don’t care.  how about this, though… to show I am being cooperative.  here is a food I don’t like eaten at the office – popcorn.  It smells for miles.  Smells great… but smells.  If it is burnt… well you are just fucked.  and then there was this;  there was a gal in my office – let’s call her ‘Tanya’ since that was her name.  She liked microwave popcorn for breakfast.   You don’t want to smell popcorn at 7 am, especially when ‘Tanya’ would burn it.

5. Do you have great “eating at the office” tip to share to make all our lives better?

yup.  Everyone is grossed out by the bathrooms at work.  You certainly are, and so are your loser friends.  So, you sit at your desk and eat.  Your desk is a hundred times dirtier than the bathroom.  Why?  Because for one, people don’t eat in the bathroom.  The other… the bathroom is cleaned every few hours, not your desk.

I know your rebuttal here is: “yeah, Lono, but I don’t shit on my desk”.  To which I answer “yeah, but I do shit on your desk”.  So, keep some wipes handy and wash it down at least once a week.


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