Friday Fives – shoes!


In a word, what are your feelings on shoes?

a necessary evil.  In high school in Phoenix, I never wore shoes.  Not to drive or anything.  I kept a pair in my van for going out to eat.  This is because I would walk into restaurants without realizing I was barefoot.  This is because I was always barefoot, it was just my default. Yes, I know it is disgusting… but so was everything else I was doing at 16.

How many pairs?

maybe almost ten.  I only wear 2 or 3, though.  Comfort is everything for me.  I have orthodics, so I am by necessity very particular about what shoes I wear

Come on, do you really need that many?

no.  see above.

What are your ‘desert island discs’ of shoes?  You can have 3 pair to take with you on a trip you will likely never return from

first and foremost – my Chacos.  This is the greatest shoe ever.  In fact, that is my entire list.  If I could marry these shoes, I would.  What about for cold weather, you say?  Well, they work great with wool socks.  Yes, I wear socks with sandals.  It in incredibly comfortable, and you are missing out on life if you haven’t tried.

Used shoes – practical, or gross?

gross.  Except, my absolute favorite pair of dress shoes I got used at goodwill for $7.  So, why do I say ‘gross’ if I shop for used shoes?  I wasn’t shopping for used shoes.  I was shopping for a coffee maker, and Rufus was in the truck outside.  While I was shopping, he started wailing about something.  You could hear it all across the store, I think some lady walked by with her drop kick dog in her arms.  So, I went up front to see what the commotion was… and I saw these shoes.


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