Friday Fives – revalations

1.  What band/artist did you initially dislike, but eventually grew on you over time?

there are lots.  To name a single band, The Cure.  When I was a young, long haired hessian, I thought anything that wasn’t speed metal was “for fags”.  Trust me, I know how wrong that is… the opinion, the mindset, even the F word.  But, this is how 15 year old boys think and behave.  With that said, as a genre, country music is growing on me.  Most of the shit on the radio is still sucky and stupid stereotypes.  But, Johnny Cash, Willy, Zac Brown, Dwight Yoakum… that is really great music.

Please don’t tell 15 year old me I said any of that.  He already hates me for being a ‘total sell out corporate whore’ (his words, not mine)

2.  Where have you made some great musical discoveries? (online, movies, music store, radio?)

that is a good question, since I haven’t listened to radio in about 5 years.  I guess it is friends.  Someone sends me a youtube clip and I will always check it out.  In fact, here is a tip for you.  If you tell me about a band, or a song, I will nod and say ‘sounds good’.  However, I will never go check out that band.  I just forget.  However, if you find said song and email me a youtube link, I will always check it out.  That is the difference

3.  What’s your most played song on your mp3 player?

              Probably ‘visions of johanna‘ from Bob Dylan’s ‘Blonde on Blonde’.

4.  What’s the stupidest/silliest music purchase you have made?

today I bought ‘Lay it Down‘ from Ratt.  It is just a single, but it has the dopest intro riff ever.  I am going to learn it tonight.  Wait, you are reading this Friday, the 15th?  or possibly years later.  Then I have already learned the riff.  See, I wrote this Thursday evening.

Oh, and I bought an audio book from John Douglas. Douglas is the guy who invented profiling for the FBI regarding killers.  Douglas can look at a dead body and say “the person you are looking for is a male teenager with a stutter.  His parents are separated  and he likely lives with his father.  He drives a volkswagon bug”.  Literally, he could be that specific, and be dead on right.  Read “Mindhunter‘ from him.  It is absolutely fascinating stuff.  Well, to me anyway.  So, I bought one of his books on the most grisly cases he has worked.  I bought it on audiobook.  Shortly after, I realized ‘why in the hell would I listen to this driving around?  What the hell is wrong with me?  That is not the way of a buddha. Follow the eightfold path.  right work, right action, right thought… etc etc.”

5.  What music did you discover after college that blew your mind?

              Joe Myers and Tool


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives – revalations

  1. dude – I was a big fan of Ratt in junior high. I just pulled up that riff on Spotify… good stuff. Bob’s your uncle!

    • I have been in the basement for the last hour working on that riff. The first 30 or so were no pretty, but I have nailed it finally. Now time for some sleep like a reasonable person

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