Friday Fives

1.  What two celebrities would you like to see physically fight each in a cage match?

Chris Brown vs Fred Phelps and his whole family.  Thunderdome style.  No one exits until the other team is dead.  It’s a win win.

2.  Who do you want to challenge to a fight?

Fred Phelps.  Pretty sure I could take him.  Pretty sure Chris Brown could kick my ass.

3.  Who is the best Monster?

Chris Brown.  What is scarier than a guy who gets acquitted of beating a girl half to death… and then gets a tattoo on his neck of said girl after the beating.  No fiction could make up a person so utterly horrible.

4.  What were you the champion of in middle school?

middle school?  nothing.  That was when I began growing my hair out and deciding I wasn’t going to dance for the man.  In my youth, though, I was quite a runner.  My dad was a marathon runner.  So, we ran together a lot.

5.  Would you rather…Speak any language fluently?  Or be able to talk to animals?

easy for me.  talk to animals.  Wait, I talk to them every day.  I want to know what the hell they are thinking.  Like, when a dog jumps up on the counter even though he knows it is not allowed and you are close by.  Is there a risk/reward analysis going on up there?  Or, is it just pure id?


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