Friday Fives – compliments on desert islands

* apologies for the week ass ‘edition’ naming above.  apparently, my editor has no concept of continuity.

1.  If your worst enemy was stranded on a deserted island, what are three things you would give him/her?

3 self help books on coping with anger.  This is assuming, of course, we are talking about Chris Brown.  If it were my other mortal enemy (Fred Phelps), I would give him 3 paperback copies of ‘I’m ok, you’re ok’

2.  If school had a class called “Common Sense 101,” what should they teach?

learning to cook. How to change oil on your car.  how to make a fake id, how your cell phone works, how to play an instrument, and finally, the deal with chicks.

3.  What compliment about you are you still waiting to hear?

you look taller than your picture

4.  If you were the head of your own religion what would be the biggest sin someone could commit?

indifference towards suffering and injustice (also known as conservatism)

5.  What common mispronunciations annoy you?

culinary.  People say it like ‘kull-inary’ when in fact is ‘kewl-inary’.  Also, there is a way to pronounce the Colorado town of Pueblo that only six people know.  I am not one of those.  Just know that however you are saying it is wrong.  seriously.

>>> frankly, this feels a little phoned in, doesn’t it?  Tell you what, I gotta go play some guitar and get to bed.  Tomorrow, though, I’ll give you more.  Maybe we’ll do the pick 5 songs from my iPod… or maybe pick 5 random books from my collection, or movies… etc.

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