Friday Fives – imitation edition

1. What accent do you imitate when you are drunk?

I quote Princess Bride far too often.  But, if I want to get into some proper mean silliness, a “Fish Called Wanda” can not be topped.  it is one of the greatest films ever!  This is not just subjective.  Kevin Kline was best supporting actor for his role as ‘Otto’.  The academy, never, ever gives out awards for Comedy.  To my knowledge  Kevin Kline and Alan Arkin (for Little Miss Sunshine) are the only best supporting actors for comedy roles.

Watch this clip below.  Normally, I would just link to a piece.  However, this is so brilliant it must be embedded for ease of use.  Use headphones on this one

2. What about celebrities? Do you do any good celebrity imitations?

not really.  However, in the course of playing with my laptop’s webcam… to see if it worked and to see if I could upload crap, I created these two stupid gems.  Since we have already embedded instead of linking… I’ll embed here, too.

3. What celebrity to you want most to be?

Dave Grohl.  He is super funny, incredibly nice, very musically talented, and seems to be connected to everyone in music.  Plus, on the side of all that, he is a rock star for a living

4. Do you have a family member that reminds you of someone famous?

my brother looks exactly like ‘E’ from “entourage”.  I am not going to link to his picture, because he doesn’t need to be dragged in to this.  Just trust me they look similar.  Which brother you ask?  this one.

5. What movie do you watch again and again, not for the plot but because it has your favorite actor/actress?

Forrest Gump because of Tom Hanks acting.  Actually, I don’t watch it much because it is incredibly long.  I think Hanks acting job in that film, though, is the finest ever.  I have mentioned this often here, but I really like great acting.  So what is great acting, you ask?  When the actor behind the character disappears.  Meaning, any time you see Al Pacino do a character, you are seeing Al Pacino as that character.  When you see Forrest Gump, you are only seeing Forrest… not Tom Hanks playing Forrest.

For best female acting job ever > Claire Daines in (and as) Temple Grandin.


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