Friday Fives – the change edition


1. What is something that has changed that is now better?

everything.  Too broad?  Telephones.  My telephone does everything on earth for me.  Ironically, the one thing i almost never use my telephone for is to telephone people.

2. What is something that has changed that was made worse?

telephone design.  Remember how you could fit a phone on your neck?  Maybe if you are under 30 you don’t.  Go ahead and try and pinch your phone between your shoulder and neck and make a call hands free.

3. What is something you are going to change about yourself in the future?

much less arson.  I would say 30 to 35% less arson going forward

4. If you reach into the the past and change one thing, what would that be?

help Axl Rose to join the 27 club, so we could romanticuize how Guns would have been the greatest rock band in history… bigger than Zeppelin!  There were poised to, I feel.  Then, the singer fired the whole band, including the guys who wrote all the songs.  then, took the band name and sat on it for 17 years.

5.  What is something that someone close to you needs to change, right now!

I have to pee something fierce, but wanted to finish my thoughts here.  Change must come from within!  Wanna hear a funny story about corporate policy, change, and bathroom problems?  Some time ago, I was stuck on a very long conference call that was going on endlessly.  We were discussing things in which I was a primary ‘stakeholder’, meaning changes discussed had a profound effect on my group.  We got to a decision I was violently against.  I knew challenging it would be another 30 minutes on the phone.  I was also pretty sure the powers that be had their minds made up on it.  Most importantly, I really really had to poo.  So, I let it lie just to get off the phone to go poo.

So, if you are ever wondering how the in world companies made silly decisions… like New Coke > odds are the dude just had to poo really bad so he just agreed to make the meeting end quicker.  I am not proud of this, but it is kinda funny in retrospect.


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