Friday Fives – hardly even bothered edition

1.  Do you have a favorite “last day of school memories?”

no.  I remember being super excited for summer, of course.  Mostly, though, we would just bum around each other’s pools or go to the rec center.  Can we talk about Michelle Bachmann here?  She is in a ton of trouble with the Feds over campaign finance stuff.  Even hardcore staffers and lifelong righties turned on her.  Then, this week, she announced she will not seek re-election of Congress from Minnesota.

You may be thinking that she is a horrible person, and a homophobe, and a thief and a bully.  You might think she is finally going to jail, and that is why she dropped out of the congressional race.  Wrong!  I bet your life she is going to drop out to run for president.  But how, you say, she is a criminal?  Oh no, she will pull the martyr card, and people will eat that shit up!

2.  Do you have a particularly fond first day (or at least early) summer memory?

nope, just going to the rec center like I said.  Allow me to explain.  In the summer, they needed a place to keep kids out of the heat.  They opened up the gym at my school and made it a rec center.  This meant basketball and ping pong tables were set up.  We had someone to go that was air conditioned.

Really, though, let’s talk about Bradley Cooper.  I have this very strong fear he is going to throw it all away and become a buff action staff, a la Vin Diesel.

3.  How about the end of summer memory when the return to school looms.

getting to wear the new clothes my mom bought that I wasn’t allowed to wear until school started so I didn’t ruin it.

4.  Were there any summer traditions you and the family celebrated growing up?

yeah, going back to Buffalo to see the fam.  Approx half of our family lived in Buffalo then, and now.

5.  Did you vacation anywhere during the summer?

yeah, Buffalo.  Are you even paying attention?


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