what the right is afraid to say out loud


Here is what I think the right has been trying to say.  My best guess is this is what Republicans feel but can’t say out loud.

Listen, I am sorry you are poor.  I really am.  I know it sucks.  I am also sorry you aren’t white.  I know it sucks.

Here is the deal, though.  Those things are neither my fault, nor my problem.  I did not cause them, and it is not my responsibility to fix them.  Frankly, you should work harder.  It is possible to get rich in America, and it is AWESOME.  I am not going to make you rich, though.  The truth is, money is a finite resource.  The more money you have means less for me.  It doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to stop you from getting rich.  However, I sure as shit am not going to help you.

Regarding States Rights vs the Federal Govt?

I don’t really care.  I mean, I prefer states be able to choose their destiny.  However, they real money and jobs and power is at the Federal level


Against it.  It is pretty straightforward stuff

Gay Marriage

Absolutely do not give a shit.  Not even a tiny one.  I don’t care if people marry their dogs, it isn’t my business.  We hold strong on this because the Christian Right forces our hands on this… and that is a reliable and critical voting block.  The Dems do they same shit with Israel.  Pretty sure my kids are gay anyway, just to spite me probably.

Banking regulation   

Super against it.  Do you have any idea how my family got so rich?  If you knew the truth, we’d all be hung in the public square.


Listen, I am not against minorities.  Really, I don’t care for anyone.  I really don’t care to share with anyone even more.  Ok, I totally prefer whites, but don’t write that down anywhere

Guns and the 2nd amendment

Also, don’t really care.  However, the people that do are psycho for it and about it.  These folks call themselves ‘constitutionalists’ and forget that the constitution is designed to be a fluid working document.  It used to allow slaves, and not beer.  No one expected people to be so literal.  So, I could NEVER vote gun control, or these hillbillies would lynch me.

Climate Change

Oh, it’s happening for sure.  Sadly, we just can’t talk about it with our base.  The truth would just freak them out, so they choose not to believe it.  The Dems do the same thing with manufacturing. They eliminated all manufacturing in the United States, between cozying up to Unions, and passing all their environmental regulations.  Yet, you will hear every lefty talk about job creation.  Can we talk about this for a moment?  Have a seat.  You Democrats tax the shit out of the rich, run the corporations overseas with environmental regulations, and by kissing the ass of the union, you guarantee the world will be run by sweat shop labor.  Where then do you expect jobs to come from?  This is how poor people stay poor.  Stop worrying about everyone, and legislating them.  Sink or swim, that is what the statue of liberty should say.

Death Penalty

We love this.  To sum up, it creates less minorities (to vote against, or rob us).  It’s win win.

Death of the Republican party

People love to talk about how we are at the end of our reign.  That we are a party of old rich white men, and that is becoming a finite resource.  While that is true, we are safe.  As long as people are fearful, racist, and seek to be rich, we will have a home in the US Political system.  As long as people spend more money on lottery tickets for retirement than they do on a 401K, we are safe.  There will always be the haves and have nots.  We are the haves, and we always will be.  As long as people want more than they have, there will be the Republican party.

Really, this isn’t tough.  Watch what we’ll do next.  They say America is, or shortly will be, 1/3rd Hispanic   We know most Hispanics vote Dem.  Easy to fix.  We take a few prominent rich ones and get them to turn on their own.  We will have a high profile Latino telling his people that Mexicans are mooching off the American dream, and stealing from hard working Americans like themselves.  This is SO easy.  Know how?  The 14 million people who make up the labor infrastructure of our country –  people that it screws over directly – can’t vote anyway.  So there is zero lost in demographic transference.  Then, we give a few high profile gigs to Latinos and imply the Dems are the true racist and power hungry.


Don’t care.  I don’t care what my yacht does to your drinking water.  I drink purified water, you dumbasses.  You can’t even spell yacht, can you?  Pretty sure my god is going to pull me out of this shithole in about 20 years, anyway.  So, do with it whatever the hell you want.  What, am I supposed to be worried about the Earth for my kids’ kids?  Pretty sure at least one of my kids is gay, anyway… so who cares?

The Bible?

Rev Lovejoy from the Simpsons said it best:  “Have you ever read the whole thing?  Technically, you aren’t even allowed to go to the bathroom.”

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