Friday Fives – the dope edition

Dope issue:

1.  Ok  kids, remember the first time you were stoned? What ‘s the story? 

middle school.  There was this vacant lot that was well treed, so we could hide there.  It involved, of course, a creepy older dude assuring us everything would be cool.  LIke every single other time I have tried it, I hated it.  hated it.  still do.  I can’t cope on the stuff.  Plus, the means of delivery majorly sucked.  It was poking holes in an aluminum soda can as a make shift pipe.  Absolutely hurts your throat and burns and of course tastes like shit.  See, the weed we had in Arizona 20 years ago was crap.  Not the pretty flowering plants you see on the documentaries.  No, it was brown granule ‘shake’.  Looked about like Oregano, but didn’t smell as nice.

2. Colorado and Washington have legalized the pot – what will the most noticeable effect be? 

well, pot tourism is all the rage now.  That is good for our tax base.  So, I am cool with it.  Plus, now the have the means to test if people are driving stoned so they can be arrested. I think that is awesome, and that was never able before.  The traditional means of testing for pot only tell if you have smoked sometime in the last 2 weeks.  Hardly damning evidence in court.  But, now they have some magic science to detect if you are high.  Maybe they ask you to rate a Jack Johnson record.
yeah, that was hackey.  I know.  Shut up. It’s my site.  You want journalistic integrity?  Start your own damn blog.  🙂  Geesh, someone needs to get high, huh?  – ed
* here is something you won’t hear in the news reports.  I don’t see legal weed elimintating the black market.  They are going to tax it over 30%.  Plus, it is already very expensive to buy legal.  So, what costs you $100 legally could be obtained through the black market (Rich.  Call Rich, that dude is always holdin’) will sell for $60.

3.  Perhaps the most private question; Have you taken advantage of the new laws yet, in this wild unregulated frontier?

nope.  can’t stand being high.  It freaks me out and I have to lay in bed.  I can’t even watch TV.

4.  They say Colorado has a tremendous amount of young men in their 20s with “Chronic” health conditions that must be treated with medical marijuana. With new laws, do you think some of them have been healed? 

I have seen these people, and been to these clinics.  I will give you an honest and very informed opinion.  About 20% of these people use it as medicine.  the 80% are just getting baked.  Ron White said it best.  He said he has to have medical weed for anxiety reasons. The police asked what his specific anxiety was and he replied “I get anxious when I run out of weed”.  So, fuck it.  I mean, they are going to do it and get it, so lets regulate it and profit off it.  Just don’t tell my grandparents we made dope legal.

5.  Who (state) or What (federal or jurisdictional) will happen next in the world of legal pot?

Oh, I can tell you EXACTLY what I think will happen next.  Pot is still illegal with the Feds, and with employers for insurance reasons.  Someone is going to get fired from their job for  pot.  They are going to say ‘it’s legal, and it’s medicine and this is discrimination bro’ and go sue.  This states vs Feds bullshit will need to get to the Supreme Court and get settled once and for all.  Also, by the time that happens (the process takes many, many years) the Republicans will be back in control.  So, it won’t go well for state’s rights.


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