Friday Fives – family history edition

lang family 2009 edit

1.  Where did your grandparents grow up?

Buffalo NY.  This is also where my parents grew up, and where I was born.  We had a family business there, but it finally conked out a few years ago.  Super sad,  Basically, losing that business was a death in the family.

2.  When did you family come to America?

Well, I am not totally sure.  It is an interesting story, and I will tell you what I know.  A few years ago, my mom called me and said “some lady is researching our family tree.  She is legit, so please be helpful.”  Awesome, love that idea.  So, she did indeed call and I told her everything.  I asked her what she could tell me so far about our family.  I had thought we were from Europe.  Not sure why, maybe just because I figured all white folks come Europe.   By ‘Europe’, I mean England.  Just assumed that is where we were all from.

Well, that may be, but we did find this out.  The last few hundred years, we go back to Canada as farmers.  That kinda explains Buffalo, being just a few miles from the Canadian border.  Ok, interesting.  But then… radio silence.  Never heard from the lady again, and I don’t think anyone else in my family has, either.  I am not sure if she was a family friend or paid consultant or whatever…  but all I know > according to the lady who them totally blew us off,  I am Canadian.  Maybe that is why I am so polite and funny.  No, seriously.

3. If you had to choose, would you be a Jet or a Shark

Once you’re a a jet, you’re a jet all the way.  That is the only line I know, I have never seen it.  Great line, though.  So, I guess I am a jet.  Is that good?  I also imagine the movie had a TON of people crouching and snapping a lot.  I love that image.  we need more of that.  It’s pretty lame I have not seen this movie.  it is an American classic after all.  I am making a commitment to you that I will watch this before next Friday.  AND… I’ll call my mom (that will make sense in a minute)

4.  How did your name get chosen?

Gosh, I don’t know off hand.  Maybe I’ll call my mom and ask her tomorrow.  I mean, I should know that.  It’s midnight Thursday as I write this.  not exactly the time to wake up my 70 year old mom.  I have the greatest mom on earth and she is in great health and would love a call.  She is also a great conversationalist.  So, why not call her?  Literally, can you call me for me?  Her number is in my phone somewhere

5.  What are the classic family stories? Jokes? Songs?

nothing book worthy.  I don’t have an amazing or even inspiring story.  I wish I could tell you I grew up hard, on the streets.  I wish I could tell you ‘love’ meant getting a cigar put out on my arm, or something cool like that.  Nope.  perfect childhood with amazing and loving parents and brothers.  My folks had great jobs, so didn’t struggle financially, and they raised me to be the awesome guy that my brothers and I are today.  This, sadly, is why I will never be the great writer I aspire to be.  My is great, and pretty much always has been.  Not much of a story there.

* ok, so I am up and awake so I figured I should just start the movie now.  It wasn’t streaming on Netflix, but I found it on youtube.  Anyhow, 3 minutes into the film and I swear it is nothing but guys walking low and snapping.  That is super awesome because in my characterization above, I thought I may have been too quick to judge and mock.  So, far, at 2 minutes in, we are at 100% content of crouching and snapping.  Ok, back to the film.

these songs are terrible.  Nothing cathy or hooky.  Just terrible songs.  I am not being a slob and complaining because it is a musical.  I have Grease on my iPod, and Phantom too.  Those are iconic melodies.  Also, these actors can not sing for shit.  Cool dancing and choreography, I’ll cop to that.  If you gave this film to Adam Shankman, he would fix it.


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