I never sold out – yet

Hey all,

I just wanted you to know something.  Fairly recently, I was offered money to place ads on this site.  Some did some searching and wanted to place brands on my page.  Cash money, to sell you shit using my good name.  Guess what I said?

How much money, exactly?  Yeah, I am not an idiot.  I don’t want to sell either of us down the river, but let’s be practical.  They said they would to keyword searches.  So, if I was writing about Neurology (which we are about to get to in a pretty big way), there would be ads for book about such.  I am not going to tell you what their figure was.  I will tell you, however, it was not enough to warrant selling us down the river.

On a related note, see that Paypal button on the side over there?  Oh wait, you don’t.   Because I don’t have one.

Stay strong brothers and sisters.  Kill Whitey. If you see the Buddha in the road, well you know what to do.  Fight the power.  The ‘Power’ being me, of course.



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