friday fives – back to school edition

Back to school edition

1.  Any plans on going back to school?

nope.  at 41, I am pretty much done with formal education.  I am looking forward to a welding class soon, though.  I absolutely believe in always learning, every single day.  But getting up at 7 am, or taking tests?  no thanks

2.  Now, years after the formal education, what have you learned that you would tell your Freshman self?

I have virtually no regrets on my education path.  I wouldn’t trade any of it.

3.  Other side.  What is something you learned in college that made the whole experience worthwhile?

all the great friends I met, including my wifey.  Oh, and discovering Joe Myers and the Grateful Dead.

4.  When I think back to school I think school supplies.  What are your favorite school/office supplies?

sharpies, pens, and note pads.  still use those things every single day

5.  What is your best/worst college memory?

nailing sisters.  That’s probably the best.  the worst would be losing our roommate, Amber, to cancer


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