Friday Fives – Friday edition

  1. What do you usually do on Fridays?

work.  But, that isn’t your question.  You wanna know what I do for fun.  Watch movies at home.  I have a good tv and a great sound system.  So, sit me down with a bottle of win and an action movie and I am in my happy place.

  1. Who are you usually with on Friday nights?

my employees.  I see where you are going with this.  You want to know my social habits, and what I do for fun.  Well, I don’t really go out drinking or partying anymore.  I live in a very remote area, so everything is far.  Plus, I have everything I need at home.  At home I have tons of beer.  It’s virtually unlimited because I brew and have a kegerator.  So, I brew 10 to 15 gallons at a time.  Plus, I have cable and internet.  Plus, I have about 13 guitars.  Plus, I have a ton of wonderful animals that I love like crazy (horses, dogs, cats, fish… ei, ei, O!), plus, I have tons of reading material.  Plus, I have five acres to play one.  Plus, I have my awesome and fun and beautiful wifey.  So, really, what is out there for me?

Friends?  Friends are great.  But, keep in mind that it takes an hour to go see anyone.  Plus, I get socialization from going to work, and having my rock band’s practice every Monday night.  I think the wifey feels isolated, but I most certainly do not.  Here is what I explain to people when they see how far away we live, down a dirt road even.  I explain if I was 16 or 20, I would go insane living out in the sticks.  Like Groundskeeper Willie in the ‘the Shinning’ type crazy.  Now, though, I just want to be left alone.  Peace and quiet, and I have that in spades.  Coming home to my ranch and wife and pets is like going on vacation every day.  I am a lucky man.

  1. Do you get dressed up when you go out?

kinda, but not really.  Generally its a nice dress shirt, nice shoes, and a pair of jeans.  However, that is my wardrobe for EVERYTHING

  1. What time do you go to bed after the night’s over?


  1. Do you wish you could be doing something else today?

yes, as I write this, I am missing the Broncos season opener.

* post script.  The Broncos just killed tonight, and did wonders for both of my fantasy leagues.  Go Broncos!

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