Friday Fives – who needs a hug?

1.  What’s one album you’ll never get tired of listening to all the way through?

Bob Dylan’s 1974 ‘Blood on the Tracks’.  Guns and Roses 1985 ‘Appetite for Destruction’ and Metallica’s 1985 ‘Master of Puppets’

2.  How would you describe your job to a five-year-old?

I wouldn’t.  You got an awfully push 5 year old, pal.

3.  Why do you need a hug right now?

I spent 6 hours last night trying to get 20 miles.  AND… I never got there.  Denver had some bilibical flooding yesterday and I was tasked with getting our emergency shelter trailer for the Red Cross from Castle Rock to Boulder.  Boulder was flooded out and isolated.  No one could get in our out, but I was determined to get those emergency supplies to them.

4.  Who is funding the Sith to make all their droids?

Follow the money.  It’s big Sith, and the big Sith lobby.  Oh, and I am pretty sure my neighbor, Leonard.  he is a nasty little man.

5.  What stupid video always makes you laugh?

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