Friday Fives – personality edition


Are you a likeable person?

I would like to think so.  I certainly work very hard to be.  Allow me to be specific.  I work hard to be learned, so I am hopefully interesting to talk to.  I am also ruthlessly positive about others achievements and opportunities.  Plus, I volunteer for everything.  I don’t know that I could possibly help my community more than I do… but I strive to find out ways to do so.

To be fair, though… doesn’t everyone want to be liked?  Seriously.  i bet Hitler wanted to be liked.  Don’t they say Satan was one of God’s best angels, but he loved god TOO much?  So, even the dark night was cast aside for wanting to be liked.  My point being, that is a shallow and lazy question.  By answering it, I look like a narcissistic asshole.  Will Rogers once said “there is no such thing as a selfless act”.  So, do I do all this charity because I am a good person?  Or… do I do it just so that you think I am a good person?  This is heavy stuff, and frankly hitting a little close to the vest.

What do you feel is your worst personality trait?

I have a few I  am working on.  I am sure as shit not pointing them out to you.  That would be like a guy holding me up with a baseball bat asking for my wallet and cell phone.  Would I say “anything but the knees, man.  I am really sensitive about my knees, and terrified they will get further damage.  No.  No I would not tell him that.

What is your best personality trait?

I am a good conversationalist.  There is so much to learn about people and history.

Are you a social person or more of a loner?

both.  I do great hanging out with people.  One would never guess that I regard myself as shy.  I can, and will, chat up everyone.  This is an awesome trait I learned from my dad.  Really, though, I am happy to be left alone at home on my ranch.  I got my dogs and cats and wifey and guitars.  not much more I need than that.

If someone you respect points out a flaw, do you work on changing it or do you expect them to accept you as you are?

both.  Mostly, I am neurotic and insecure about that.  Of course I try and change.  However, there is certainly a part of me that thinks ‘this is the package you ordered.  I am 41.  The ingredients are pretty well set’.  but, to the spirit of the quesiton, I always seek to better myself.  I want to know history better.  I want to be a better cook.  I want to be handier around the house.  I want to learn to weld, and to pair wines with food and say things like ‘oaky, with a mossy finish’ when talking about wine and have those sentiments make sense.  I want to be a better guitar player, and singer, too.  Why all this stuff?  I guess so that you will like me.  Is that what you wanted?  See, now I am crying.

just kidding.  not crying.  I have no feelings.  Its the best part of being a guy.  If I did have feelings, though, this might be the part.


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