Friday Fives – work edition

1.  How is your day so far? 

good, thanks for asking.  Busy, but no more so than any other work day.  I took lunch and went to play guitars at Guitar Center.  That always cheers me up and kills time.  It’s Friday as you read this, but its not my Friday.  I work Saturdays.

2.  Let’s talk about cursing.  Do you curse? What’s your favorite curse word/phrase? 

Yes I do.  I am not proud of it, and always working to improve that aspect.  My favorite curse words are two I invented.  The first one is ‘goddamnitsomuch’.  It is just satisfying.  Now I have Sam and Renee using it too, which tickles me to no end.  The other one is ‘dunk’.  I invented it for practical reasons, and I will not tell you what it means.  It is something I can scream in traffic or polite company and no one knows my horrible vile thoughts.

3.  Job speak. Recently, we asked how to describe your job to a 5 year old. Now, what is your job and how can others make it easier? 

I help people who have problems with their telephones.  If my job was easier, they wouldn’t need me.  So, I do not seek for that to happen.  But, again, thank you for asking.  Very considerate of you.

I have a desk job.  I call myself a ‘cubicle monkey’.  I know so many people who say “I could never ever be chained to a desk all day.  That is too depressing!”.  I fully see why people would think that, but I don’t mind at all.  It is always warm and safe and dry.  I have a really nice comfy chair, and access to all the coffee I can drink.  I listen to my pandora and help people out.  That is not a bad way to pass the days.  I sure hope not, since I have been here for 16 years.  The company is very good to me.

4.  What is the most f@#-up thing to happen at your office/job? 

probably not much different from what everyone deals with at work.  They say “it’s only work if you’d rather be somewhere else”.  While I would generally rather be at home watching action movies, I am not unhappy at work.  I enjoy going to work.  I don’t enjoy getting out of bed, but I love my drive it.  It’s 35 minutes I use to listen to books on tape about history.  plus, I live out in the country, so my drive to work is rolling hills, no traffic, and watching out for deer.

When people find out where I live (which is out by Elizabeth), they wonder how I can handle such a drive.  Then I probe them and find out their drive is the same.  It’s 30 minutes.  BUT… their time is spent in traffic on i-25 looking at tail lights.  I easily manager an average speed of 45 mph the whole way.

5.  What is the dumbest customer complaint you have heard?

a customer today posted he lost his million dollar company because of bad phone service.  he said we were irresponsible, and cost all those people their jobs.  I was befuddled.  if you have a million dollar business… or even a $75 business… wouldn’t you have a couple $25 a month land lines?


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