Friday Fives – sleeping and patience

1.  What advice if taken literally, would be devastating to our society?

 Live every day like it’s your last.

2.  If we were all forced to wear a warning sign what would yours say?

   Don’t take anything he says literally.

3.  What is worth the wait?

 ice cream.  also, everything Vince Gilligan does.

4.  What are some good tips for getting to sleep?

 couple tricks I use.  One is tasking the mind with absurd minutia.  like, while I lie in bed, picture going through every counter and cabinet and visualize and count each dish and glass.  Here is another one.  this is a yoga trick.  As you lie in bed, try and isolate and relax each and every part of your body, starting at your toes.  Lastly, there is this.  Take very long and very deep breaths and count to ten.  As deep a breath as possible, slowly.  Each breath should take almost 30 seconds.

I have struggled with this, big time, for years.  These tricks above are for turning your brain off, and they work.  I also take natural sleep supplements – melatonin and valerian root.  The issue is this; I am a night person.  I am dead tired at 6 pm, but wide awake at midnight.  it sucks.  So, I have to force myself to go to bed.  The first part of my nightly recipe is I read for about half an hour each night.  That mellows me, and gets the day’s issues out of my head.

Obviously, a very nice bed and pillow and sheets are absolutely critical.  I have a $100 temperpedic pillow, and so should you.  Isn’t a third of your life worth $100?  Get some nice sheets, the highest thread count you can afford.  You wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes.  Go to Tuesday morning, they have dope ass sales on stuff like that.  Get a pair of sheets marked at $200 for $40.  As you get older, sleep gets more important, and more difficult.  Don’t dick around here.

 Also, I have to have a fan, for noise.  It could be 30 degrees in the room, I would still have a fan.  Of course it isn’t, though.  For sleep I keep the thermostat around 68.  Why so warm?  Well, it’s JoJo’s fault.  however, he is sadly now dead.  Miss you, Jojo.  Love you!

5.  Which cereals have better knock-off brands than the actual cereal ?

dunno, I don’t get to eat cereal anymore.  it’s all sugar and no protein.  It is literally the worst possible way you could start your day, nutritionally speaking.  Instead, you may was well save the dishes and just down a shot glass full of sugar.  Don’t be a pussy, DO IT.


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