Friday Fives – nonsense edition, I guess

Random November

1.  Baseball is over, no Bronco game this week – what is your fall back fall activity?

chores, and further winterizing of stuff.  Still have time to mow and trim and such.  Have 5 acres, so there is never a lack of work to be done.  Wanna help?  I am literally out mending fences.  Call me Desperado.  Please.

2. Speaking of fall back, what are you thoughts on the return to Standard time?

stupid.  as we head into Winter, the days already get short.  Now you nuked another hour of daylight?  I used to do chores and enjoy the ranch after work.  Now, I will be driving home in the dark.  It’s wack.  Did you know this?  It is very interesting.  Each day after June 22nd, a day gets shorter by almost exactly 1 minute.  This keeps happening until Dec 22nd.  That day is the shortest day of the year… always.  After Dec 22, the days grow by one minute each day until – you guessed it – June 22nd.

Oh, the equinox… what is that?  remember it this way – Equinox equals Equal.  Those days (march 22nd and Oct 22nd) are equal  time of daylight and darkness.

3. What is your worst Halloween memory?

sorry to let you down, I have no bad memories.  My childhood was pretty much perfect, which sucks.  How will I be a great artist, writer, or musician with a great life?  All my heroes live totally fucked up lives.  Not me, every day is a blessing. Things are fine.  Goddamnitsomuch!

4. What is one thing that the government is really good at?.  

spending money.  I don’t mean that as criticism.  Think about it, this is what the govt does.  It is all they do.  See, you go to Congress thinking “we need to cut this shit out!  You fuckers are wasting everyone’s money”.  They ALL go in thinking that.  Then, you find out the Fed (govt) is going to allocate 23 million for worm butt research.   We need to know if worm butts are sensitive to light.  This money has already been allocated.  so, instead of fighting this, you think “man, if that were in my district, it would create a ton of jobs.  It would also be killer for our tax base.  You are going to give that to Gary?  That guy is an asshole, and he steals all the bullshit projects for his district”

So, working for the Govt soon becomes “well, if they are going to spend all that money, I want to get as much as I can for my district.  It is morally and financially the right thing to do for my  constituents… and it will likely get me in their good graces to get re-elected.”  This system works, incredibly well.  In the last major election (2012, when Obama was re-lected)  92% of Congress was re-elected

5. What are some cool things about Canada that the average American doesn’t know about?

Canada has beach fronts… beautiful ones.  When I was young, we would visit Canada every summer (from Buffalo) and hang out at the beach.  All my young-ness, I thought this was the ocean.  it was warm and had sand and waves and you couldn’t see the other side.  you could surf!  I much later realized it was Lake Erie.  Also, what you think of Canada, in my experience, is what you think it is.  Forest everywhere, and everyone is nice.


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