Friday Fives – chores edition

Couple things here, team, before we get into this.  First thing is I wrote about chores a few years ago.  It’s a pretty funny piece that I am proud of.  So, start here.

Second thing is I don’t feel you are getting your value out of these questions.  So, there is bonus content at the bottom.  This should also make up for the fact that I am WAY late posting this.  Been up all night celebrating the hound AKC win.  The dog that won was a Fox Hound, which is what we have.


1. What is the one household chore you don’t mind?

2. What is the one household chore you would happily never do again?

i would say dusting, if I had ever done it
3. What is the one household chore you had to do as a child and now make your child do (providing you have kids)?

picking up the dog crap.  Builds character, and teaches you that pets are also a responsibility
4. How do you reward yourself after you’ve finished?

5. Does your SO ever help out around the house?

yes.  We have a bit of a reversal on traditional roles.  I cook and clean and she does the banking and organizing.

ok, as I said above, it’s pretty thin up there.  So, I will go to my usual cop out and give you the first 5 songs that pop up on my iPhone in full random.   WAIT – NO.  Even better, I will go to the auto generated playlist called ‘most played’.  That way, you getting a bead on what I am really listening to.  So, buckle in for bonus meaningless content

So, here are the first five songs that come up on full random under ‘most played’ playlist, which is auto generated by my phone.

Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop

I LOVE this song.  It is brilliant, and stupid, and fun, and catchy.  Plus, I like the guy.  he is a good and thoughtful person.  He impresses me in every interview.  Now, above is the official video, which is great.  BUT – check out this live in studio performance.  It shows how good these guys are in real time, and that they aren’t just hiding behind production magic.

Paul SimonLate Great Johnny Ace

Oooh, good choice and interesting story.  Not sure if I have written about this song before, but I should have.  Paul Simon wrote this incredibly good song about John Lennon.  However, it got lost to the ages.  Here is how, and why, you have never heard of this song.  Simon & Garfunkle played Central Park just months after John Lennon died.  Now, remember that John Lennon lived in Manhattan, and where he was shot was in front of his apartment which is adjacent to central park.  So, it was kind of a ‘too soon’ moment for some.  Right when the verse about John Lennon comes up, a guy rushes on stage during the song and freaks out on Paul.  It’s actually a pretty great and historic moment.  However, it has been edited out, along with the entire song, of all subsequent video releases  It was on the VHS release, but every DVD version since then has omitted it.

So, here is the song and the performance and the incident.  Man, I just love this song.  How great is this line “I was living in London with the girl from the song before”.  I think that is one of the greatest lines in history.  The incident happens towards the end, at the 3:30 mark

Toad the Wet SprocketNew Constellation

This is the new single from the new Toad record.  It’s great.  I LOVE this band.  Can’t get enough.  Seen them about times.  Met them, etc.  You know this band, they are the ‘Walk on the Ocean’ guys.  That is off their breakthrough, Fear.  However, if you want a really great look at this band, find this CD ‘Acoustic Dance Party’.  Seriously, if you don’t find it amazing I will personally refund the money myself.  It includes most of their hits from that era, including ‘Walk on the Ocean’.

Even though this is a new song, it is classic Toad in every sense.  First time I saw them was over 20 years ago.  Both Glenn and I had long hair at that time.  Look at this picture, at the time, we looked like twins.  Same face, same hair.

Smashing Pumpkins Rotten Apples

Great song.  Simple as that.  it’s from their box set that came out right after Mellon Collie.  You can now get the box set – The Aeroplane Flies High – for under a $100.  it’s worth it.  There are 5 discs of remastered songs, live editions, and a DVD.  If you are a Pumpkins fan, it’s worth it.  If you aren’t, go buy Siamese Dream.  I can’t find the studio version of this song for you, and I don’t like any of the live versions out there.  So, use your imagination.

Johnny Cash I’ve been Everywhere

This song is just quintessential Johnny Cash.  Like Folsom Prison, but recorded about 50 years later.  Dig this song, know this song, LOVE this song.  Since we are talking about Johnny, also watch this video.  It is a very good song, and it may be the greatest video ever.

These two songs mark the re-emergence of Johnny Cash.  Late in life, Johnny got a fresh start with a new audience (like me).  We can thank one person for that, and it isn’t Johnny Cash.  it is Rick Rubin, the great.  He had the sense to take Johnny’s iconic voice and have him do Nine inch Nails and Soundgarden.  Both those songs turned out better than the originals, which both artists gleefully admit.  Rick Rubin is a BIG deal.  I think he is the most important non musician in music since maybe Bill Graham.

Now, have you watched the video yet?  I am going to stop writing until you sit through the video.  Here, we’ll watch together.


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