Friday Fives – holiday preference edition

* late, and hastily thrown together.  Sorry, America.  You get what you pay for, this week.  Merry Christmas, though!  I love you all.


1. What is your favorite holiday?

Labor day.  It means the heat is subsiding, and we always take a great trip to Northern Arizona to see the fam and play some music.  The end of summer also means the end of yard work.  I am on 5 acres, so i am excited to go dormant for winner about this time.

2. Do you send holiday cards?

yes.  Did I this year?  no.  Time just got away from me, and I feel terrible about it. I mean, we bought cards… we have stamps.  We just literally don’t have 2 or 3 hours to sit and work on them.

3. What has been your favorite holiday gift to date?

weird question.  i don’t think i have any holiday presents.

4. Do you have a favorite cold weather drink?

red wine, lightly chilled.  That will warm the cockles.

5. Do you do charity work during the holidays?

actually, it is about the only time I don’t do charity work.  Christmas is madness.  I know this is not the worst injustice.  Getting presents, getting the house ready for extreme cold, getting caught up at work, and then having everything done today so I can take off for a week.  and the shopping, of course.  I have been killing myself to have everything done so next week I can just relax and enjoy the holidays with the fam.  Let’s see how that works out, eh?


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