Friday Fives – make it or break it edition

Make it or Break it!

1. If you were given the chance to shoot one free throw at the all-star game for a million dollars, would you make it?

free throws are tough, ask Shaq.  Actually, I would do better with a half court shot.  It’s more dramatic, and I have developed quite a knack for it.  Give me a couple hours practice, but I could do it.

This thing with Shaq, it’s very true.  In his heyday, he could barely hit 50%.  This impacted their game, big time.  See, every time Shaq had the ball, you foul him hard.  You can’t let him get to the hoop.  He was king kong big, so making the shot from close was easy.  He could dunk on his tippy toes.  So, you foul him hard.  It keeps him from making the 2 point dunk and gives him 2 free throws.  BEST case scenario he makes one.
2. What could you do tomorrow to make your dreams come true?

dunk on shaq
3. You are on the way to work and realize you forgot something at home, do you leave it and let it bug you all day, or go back and get it?

go back and get it.  I know what you are talking about, btw.  So, don’t be all dodgy with your questions and subtext.  You want to know if I can make it a whole day without my cell phone, right?  The answer is pretty much no.  BUT… I have to have it for my job.  So stop judging me with that crinkly facial expression.  I have feelings too.  3, to be exact.  I had 5, but lost one of them after Max died.
4. Make Love or Breakin the Box Spring?

it starts one way, and ends on the other.  weirdo!
5. If you were to remake one song: Which Song? Done by Who?

I might be interested in finding different ways to interpret the greatest song ever written – ‘Born to Run’.  But, it is SO perfect I would be dumb to try anything.  How about ‘Tangled up in Blue’?  There are many different Dylan versions of it.  Plus, everyone covers Dylan.  Plus, the Indigo Girls do a very serviceable version of it already.  Plus, I already know both versions of it on guitar (the studio version in C, and the cool capod up version from the bootleg series).  Tangled up in Blue may be the second best song every written.

Like ‘Born to Run’ it is a journey.  A whole like is lived in those few verses, just like ‘The Weight’.  These songs are transformative – for the narrator and the listener.

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