Friday Fives


What is the best name for a WiFi network that you have stumbled upon?

Nacho Wifi

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen a co-worker do? 

Long ago when I worked at KFC (and we are talking almost 30 years ago) my buddy MIke got into an altercation with a customer.  This was straight out of a teen movie.  The customer wanted biscuits (KFC has great biscuits lest you have forgotten) and we were out.  It got heated, and the customer was being a dick.  So, Mike told the guy he was “shit out of luck.”,

Also, just like in the movies, he got promptly fired.  Also, just like the movies, he told me it was totally worth it.  I wonder where he is.  Haven’t seen him since I was 16.  I don’t even remember his last name.  So, here is to you Mike from Phoenix who worked at KFC 25 years ago and told a customer he was shit out of luck.

By the way, can I tell you this?  I worked in fast food restaurant for all he of my teen years.  We NEVER spit in people’s food, or anything like that.  Never even heard of people doing that around us.

If we sent twitter back 2,000 years, what would people be tweeting?

Sometimes, it seems Jesus is self sabotaging.  #totalvictim

What is your most overused playlist?

Bob Dylan, especially for my poor wifey.  We just drove to Phx and back over Christmas.  I like to listen to a LOT of Dylan (mostly early – up through 65) Anyhow, whenever she fell asleep, I would put more Dylan on.
What is the most useless thing you’ve memorized…

every detail and lyric and story about every rock band.  Seriously, ask me anything.  What is john paul jones real name?  More importantly, why did he change it?  My brother found himself sitting next to him at a bar he worked at one night 30 years ago and explained to my brother why he changed his birth name.  It’s an incredible story, and one not circulated at all.   stuff like that.  Why do I know Jimi Hendrix’ birthday?   Why do I know where Eddie Vedder went to high school?  How and why do I know about King Oliver’s first chair trumpet player moving to Chicago?  It is the story of a young Louis Armstrong and the history of recording.  I know thousands of stories like this.  I know what he and Julio did down by the schoolyard.  In fact, Paul Simon told me directly.


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